chicago comic con — day four

(ft. special guest stars sydni, chase, and bobby)

okay my motivation to take pictures yet again deteriorated so uh you’ll have to bear with me here

but hm today was the last day so our plans were mainly SHOPPING SPREES AND ART COMMISSIONS and yes we tended to just that

we pmuch ran through everyone’s shopping plans like a grocery list and then made our way over to the artist’s alley to order/pick up/pay for commissions. bobby brought his hello kitties from yesterday so here’s the fab crobby

aw yiss we started having issues we were all in love with these cardboard fuckers so in the end we all had some all except chase woops but she got some other pcool commissions so we’re all good

I actually don’t have pictures of sydni’s (she got merlin and arthur from bbc’s merlin) but I requested a wayward vagabond and holy shit


as a matter of fact let’s just skip to the other crap I got because holy shit

so uh yeah that’s essentially all that went on today, except at the same time it was really fun. thanks to sydni’s makeshift cas cosplay, we attracted a deadpool, spiderman, and hp cosplayer and wow we discussed supernatural ships and the likes and all exchanged tumblrs and they were really great making new friends is so fun

um since I’ve already been skipping around with this post let me go back to the start and explain whatever else needs explaining

let’s see we met up with bobby again he was soos from gravity falls yeehaw

minecraft axe I really loved these even though I’ve never played minecraft wowee

fuckin’ cool but expensive shit right here

jesus dicks we were all fangirling over those signatures there were so many and if only we had the money T-T; the janto one was 95 or so sighs

m’kay here are also more cosplays if anyone is still interested

oh and then one of chase’s horns fell off so uh


here look at this it’s entertaining

apologies on how misleading it looks - obama doesn’t suck. the full thing says “vote obama; romney sucks”

and last but not least there were these mormor cosplayers they were fantastic I didn’t get a picture of them but we stumbled upon them a few times and I got their tumblrs and one of them got a destiel commission and I just„„„„„,

it was too adorable I had to take a picture of it T-T

so uh yeah that just about wraps up today if you’ve read my other posts you’ll know that the quality of them has completely deteriorated by now but more importantly it means you’ve been tuning in to my boring life for the half a week that by some miracle it got to be not boring

it was my first con - an absolutely stunning first experience - and I just

I don’t know what to say anymore I’m sorry for being so bad with words

it was just so very very perfect 

I met someone from tumblr for the first time, among so many other cool people that are just like me. like if I met someone at school I’d be wondering are they nerdy at all??? are they from the internet like me, maybe? but here it’s just one giant nerd mall and everyone you meet has the same interests as you and it’s more of a concern of which fandoms they are and aren’t in

AND on top of that the people at the booths were outstanding as well the merchandise was great and I loved seeing so much flawless art in one place like wow I had so much respect for the artists

it sounds kind of cheesy but it was a huge inspiration for me

maybe one day when I get better my friends and I can be in their position that would be so great

wow I am going to miss this con I had such a great time and everyone was so, so, so lovely. thanks again for actually reading this :’)

cue a mini spam of scenery porn because even from the outside it was beautiful

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